Pot Roast

It’s stupid how delicious this pot roast is. Stupid. I don’t even like red meat (especially not after trimming the fat off by hand), but it is amazing. My older sister (who teaches at a high school) bought me a cookbook some years ago. It’s entitled 5 Ingredients or Less! Not only does it live up to its promise, but almost every recipe has a short prep time too (I mean, with 5 ingredients, how long could it take, but still). There’s something amazing about coming home to dinner already cooked that makes it taste even better! And, if that wasn’t cute enough, the entire book is made of recipes by home economics teachers from the west. We’re supporting education AND having a delicious meal. Amazing.

Try this. Even if you don’t THINK you like pot roast (I didn’t), you will (swear). I half the recipe since a) our Crock Pot is one of the small ones, and b) there are only two of us.

Place 4 potatoes (washed & sliced into eighths) & a handful of baby carrots in a layer on the bottom of the Crock Pot (I’ve found it’s best to put the potatoes in first & then stick the baby carrots in the extra areas. If they’re on the bottom, they get a bit mushy). Trim the fat from your (3 – 3 1/2 lb) beef roast & place it on top of the vegetables (I like my meat pretty well done, so I cut it into chunks. Don’t worry about that though as it literally pulls right apart when it’s done. No knife necessary.). Top with 4 oz of mushrooms. Combine an onion soup mix (any will do, really – 1.5 oz package) with half a cup of water & spread evenly over the mushrooms and meat. Cover & cook on low setting for 10 – 14 hours (12 hours seems to be just about right for us & works well for turning it on when we get up & eating after work). Enjoy.


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