The Minutiae of Death

My parents persist in beginning talks with, “When I am dead…” Therefore, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what, if anything, I’d want to inherit from them.

Mama – lilac jug she got from her father’s mother, any opal of hers (we share the same birthstone), portrait of Grandpa Jimmy as a child

Papa – rocking chair that his father & both of us were rocked upon (although I think I inherit that when I get pregnant), one of the anniversary clocks my mama gave him, Great-Grandma Ellen’s candy dish, that one lamp that I don’t really want but my mother wants me to want

Focusing on the material objects I’ll have to remind me of them (and their sides of the family) does not take the sting out of imagining them gone & no matter how many times we have the discussions, I still find them repellent.


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