Have you tried to walk the balance of togetherness with a significant other? I’ve always found it to be excessively tricky. Too little togetherness & you grow apart. Too much togetherness & you get irritated… and grow apart. My current relationship has been the easiest to keep on an even keel (largely because he is so solidly placid), but even we have had missteps (as I’m sure everyone does). He recently picked up a hobby we had enjoyed for years but that he abandoned about four months ago. I’ve continued it in his absence, but it was nowhere near as much fun, and it’s been a struggle not to pressure him to join in again (so much sweeter / better that he chose on his own). I grinned giddily through our talks of changes & new information he should have and fell asleep with a smile on my face last night. Sometimes you just hit that togetherness balance right on its nose.

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