The Joke’s on… Me?

So, I decided to trick my students with a joke in honor of April Fool’s Day. After our warm up & cursive, I pulled out an enormous stack of packets (all of our STAR test reviews to be completed over the next 6 weeks). Gravely, I informed them that, since the STAR test (our standardized testing) cannot be counted for report cards, the school district decided to give them two full days of testing. Each test was timed, and there was a total of 1000 questions. Because it was such a lengthy test, it would be a large part of their grade. We would be working solely on this testing for the remainder of today & all of tomorrow.

I expected the kids to groan & be upset about testing. I did not realize they had internalized my decree (don’t whine – if we have to do something, we have to buck up and do it!). Instead of complaining, which not one student did, they squared their shoulders, sat up straight, and – although they looked apprehensive – SMILED at me (tentatively, but still) to show that they were going to give it their best shot. Some even looked at my faux-concerned face with sympathy as if to imbue me with confidence.

Aaaaaand, I felt like a jerk.

They were so good-natured that I didn’t know how to respond. Lamely, I admitted it was a joke. They looked at me quizzically, already focused on their upcoming testing. Almost bashfully, I told them I was kidding & that they ruined my joke by being such awesome, good-natured kids.

To add insult to injury, one student looked up at me and, completely sincerely, said, “We just want to make you proud, you know.” AND EVERYONE NODDED.

I don’t know what this says in reference to the post I made concerning this phemonena earlier today, but double hrm.

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