Infrequent Insomnia

I am a very sound sleeper. I rarely have difficulty sleeping / falling asleep & I rarely wake up during the night. However, about once every three months, I just cannot fall asleep. It could be because of sleeping too much the night before, being excited, tracking on at school, etc. For whatever reason, I just CAN’T fall asleep.

Last night was one of those nights. I wanted to go to sleep. I truly did. We watched our current TV show on DVD (not having actual television shows appear on our set), and the boy sort of drifted off. I lay there, fully awake, mentally placing my current furniture in the house that we are considering purchasing. Then, as he settled more fully into sleep & an hour had passed, I gave up. I watched 1.5 more episodes of our TV show. I read a few chapters in a book. I checked my various Internet locations. Finally, I looked up at the ceiling, forced my eyes closed, and tried to will myself into sleep.

I fell asleep, finally, around 5am (note: our alarm goes off at 6am). I know I should be thankful for the many nights of uninterrupted sleep where I quickly drop off & snooze through the night. Indeed, a good friend of mine has difficulty sleeping at all & confided in me yesterday that he finally slept 4 hours last night – more than his sum total in the previous 2-3 nights. I am so glad that my sleep is (usually) easy & effortless.

…but not being able to fall asleep still sucks.


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