Kids + God

I teach elementary school in the US. That means that I cannot talk about God at school (not like I’d want to!). However, especially around holidays that are associated with him, kids have things to say. Here are the recent gems from my classroom:

  1. boy: I don’t know if you know about how Jesus & God are related or anything, but I saw The Passion, and it was sad. Sad and MESSED UP. You probably wouldn’t like it. I know you don’t like horror movies.
  2. girl: The thing about God is that he’s right next to me. He’s like a stalker a little, but it’s not like he’s going to pull me into a van or anything. He just stands there and smiles and gives you the thumbs up and stuff.
  3. girl: Easter is all about how Jesus and the Easter Bunny are related. me: Um, are you sure? girl: Yes. They’re brothas from different mothas. me: Are you serious? girl: (laughs patronizingly) You didn’t KNOW that? Obviously, the Easter Bunny’s mom is a RABBIT, but its dad is GOD!

Learn something new each day, right?


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