As Requested, A Happy Post: Cookies

What is happier than cookies? Very little, in my opinion. I am looking at the last two cookies left from this batch (I’ve been gratuitously giving them away for the past 48 hours, worried I’d consume all of them if left to my own devices) & wishing them a fond farewell (as they’ll be Heather’s in about 25 minutes), pleased I gave this new recipe a shot.

Honestly, I’m terrible about making the same things because I Already Know I Like Them. If you’re not like me, you know someone like me & either way, you’re probably sighing & nodding regretfully. Although a competent cook (and a pretty decent baker), I fall into the trap of making the familiar because it’s easy. Although these cookies weren’t too far off the beaten path (chocolate chip cookies & oatmeal cookies both being Cookies I Already Make), they were a little bit different & quite delicious.

Chocolate Chip & Pecan & Oatmeal Cookie Dough

 I shamelessly stole this recipe from the Smitten Kitchen website (which I adore). He talked me into a little more orange zest than the recipe calls for (not totally my thing, so I’d stay with “a hint” instead of jumping to “a full-fledged orange-y flavor”) & I did my general rule of thumb with cookies (baked them for 45 seconds less than the lowest time suggested – I take forever to get them off the cookie sheet and onto my makeshift “cookie rack” – read: a plate) & they were delicious. I omitted the clove (as I didn’t have any) & added extra cinnamon (because I love it). Even tripling the cinnamon (What? I said I love it!) still had a relatively mild flavor, so don’t worry about going wild there. Additionally, I made them pretty small since I have a difficult time restraining myself (and am more likely to enjoy two small cookies than stop myself after only one larger one).

Chocolate Chip & Pecan & Oatmeal Cookies

Baking cookies is lovely. It was the first thing I really did in the kitchen (both grandmothers & my mother taught me to cook – all three felt that cookies and breakfast food were appropriate introductions), and I always smile and think of my grandmothers when I am forming cookies & placing them on a sheet (“Just a little ball, Ellen. Each one should be just a thought of a cookie.” & “Don’t put them so close together, Ellen. Give them a little room to just be on the sheet.”).

Happy memories of my now-deceased grandmothers? Check.

A brilliant fusion of chocolate chips, oatmeal, pecans & a TINY bit of orange zest? Check.

A reason to make me smile & stop griping over events in the past that I can’t change? Mostly check.

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