Current Loves

I am enjoying the contrast between air conditioning and the warm sunlight & just feeling happy about spring in general. With that in mind, I decided to list a few things I’m currently into.

  1. The Bee Charmer– This is a little blog that I stumbled upon by hitting the “next” arrow to randomly transport me to blogs (95% of which are tripe). She posts music that “you don’t like yet but will soon” along with beautiful photos to evoke the mood of the music. Very awesome!
  2. Lemonade – The quintessential summer drink, in my opinion, does wonderful things for putting me in the mood for warm weather (something I generally dislike).
  3. Elsita – I came across this blog by accident (someone I read linked to her) & I adore her whimsical style. She’s a mother who makes all type of art & paper sculptures & sews & does wonderful stuff. I am also really digging on this print from her Etsy store which makes me think of being outside as a kid (almost all my sister and I did).
  4. Customized Stationery– I have a paper fetish (office products in general, really) & I looooooove customized stationery. Love. Love! I ordered this kind yesterday & it’s the first set with my married name. This is Big News, all.

Happy spring to you & here’s hoping you’re having the same type of warm, breezy, sunshine-y day I am!


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