In Which I Suddenly Like Something

So, I have never been a big fan of tomatoes. I love marinara sauce, tomato-based soups (even tomato soup itself), salsa (not pico de gallo though), etc. I just don’t particularly like tomatoes. Because of this hangup, I have always shied away from bruschetta (being as pretty much every type of bruschetta involves chunks of tomato on types of bread).

However, on a whim a bit ago, I ordered the bruschetta appetizer to share with him when we tried a new restaurant (Appetez off Roseburg next to the Virginia corridor). Not expecting much, I was thrilled when a sampler arrived – 3 flavors, 2 of each – perfect for sharing! There was a traditional one that was delicious & fresh without being overly tomato-y… and I actually liked it! The cheese & garlic & onion one that I expected to like the most was actually my least favorite. I was very into the heaps of fresh toppings on the other two. However, saving the best for last, I absolutely adored the clam bruschetta. I am a big fan of seafood in general, but it seemed to really pop – juicy & flavorful.

We’ve been back since & tried another appetizer (or, as this restaurant deems them – Appetez-er), and it was good (spinach-artichoke dip) but not as memorably flavorful as the bruschetta. My stalwart dinner companion has been enraptured by both of his entrees (veal parmesan & a spicy pasta), but mine were just good (calamari steak [the non-pistachio one as they’re still not serving pistachios] & stuffed salmon). Both the desserts we tried were excellent (tiramisu & a warm apple ‘n’ pear compote), and we’ll return again.

However, inexplicably, the bruschetta was what won my heart.

Note: Although this restaurant has been in business for over a decade, the last time I had been inside was when my high school boyfriend worked as a dishwasher in its former life as Deja Vu Cafe. Because of those late night forays, I have an interestingly thorough knowledge of the layout & location of supplies. Not really relevant, but it made me smile when I walked in.

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