Beautiful Day

I had a lovely morning & a wonderful introduction to May. Some activities:

  • waking up & realizing that the husband had filled up my bike’s tires with air & set it out for me to ride downtown (very sweet!)
  • deciding to ride my bike even though it was obviously going to rain
  • enjoying the soft rain despite it spotting my glasses
  • running into my mother’s best friend & being invited to hear her play her ukulele tomorrow
  • spending $20 at the farmer’s market & coming away with berries for scones, candied walnuts for cookies, two mini-cheesecakes, a tasty quiche (since I didn’t attend the cooking class I had debated on the same topic this morning), kettle corn (it’s a weakness), two caramel-covered pretzels, and a peach
  • receiving no less than a dozen compliments on my bicycle (admittedly, it is pretty sweet)
  • pushing the wrong button on my iPhone application & being treated to classic soul songs while I rode
  • stopping for soup at a place I never frequent, running into our district secretary who has a soft spot for me (we patronize the same bead store although I haven’t been there in quite awhile) & having a lovely conversation with her and her husband
  • reading half a dozen chapters in an Anna Quindlen book I didn’t realize I had & have never read
  • getting home before noon

In the subsequent three hours, I’ve read another few chapters, fiddled around online, pursued my current music obsession (low key, low fi, mellow music), made a list of possibilities for our Las Vegas trip & hunted down some airfare prices to start seducing my friends into traveling with us, and put the pie crust in the refrigerator to set.

This afternoon will also include finishing the strawberry-rhubarb pie that I’ve been promising him for the last week, a trip to a sale on striped dinnerware that might prove handy for our Monday night get-together, persuading him to help me acquire some of this music when he gets home from work, and possibly a board game showdown complete with roaring fire, cozy inside after a drizzly day & maybe something sweet for dinner.

Some days are just golden.

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