Reassuring Familiarity

So, we hosted a little Cuatro de Mayo get together tonight (being busy tomorrow) & it was pretty lovely. The food was tasty (tequila lime chicken, black bean “salad” – although I doubt it was hearty enough to deserve that label, salsa & guacamole & chips, homemade tortillas, margarita cookies)… and done on time (thanks to my uber scheduling / meal planning & our night before prep)! More notable though was the fact that most of my favorite people were there, and we haven’t all hung out together in quite awhile. Whether reminiscing over photos with my niece or rubbing elbows with my best friend at the dinner table (squeezing 8 around a table for 6 might not have been wise, but we always make it work) or hugging one of my few friends who makes me feel short or tripping over stories with the three people I met 7.5 years ago at a forgettable job – the familiarity was reassuring.

Sometimes just being in a familiar dynamic is enough to soothe.


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