Reasons Why I Appreciate Him

Of course I love Him, but I really do appreciate his thoughtful gestures too. I once dated a guy who made huge gestures once every six months or so, but was a jerk the rest of the time. I tried to make the rare, big things make up for the millions of small things he overlooked, but they just don’t. My guy is all about the small stuff & it makes my life SO much better. Some examples:

  • He buys me a new mouse & installs it & sets it up before I get home, just so it’ll be ready for me to play around online with that evening.
  • Whenever I’ve written something, he stops what he’s doing to listen intently as I read it to him & then helps me proofread / edit it.
  • Every day he’s off work / available noonish, he makes & brings me lunch – and has since I started teaching (six years & counting).
  • He kisses me goodbye on days when he works that I have off – waking me up enough so I’ll remember but not so much that I can’t slide back into sleep.
  • He brings me drinks whenever I’m intent on something – reading, writing, playing around on the computer. Sometimes I don’t even notice until I’m thirsty & it’s already there.
  • He’s done all my laundry & all our dishes for 7.5 years. Truly, this cannot be underappreciated.
  • He always opens the door for me. We pretend I have Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and cannot open it on my own, but really he just likes being a gentleman. I’m always baffled when women say they don’t want the door opened for them. It’s such a courtly courtesy that he does with love and respect.
  • When he smiles at me, I know I’m the most important person in his life, and if I forget, he tells me.
  • He always reaches out to hold my hand in movie theatres & when we’re walking around.
  • I get the most hilarious text messages from him throughout the day. Not every day, but whenever something happens or he’s thinking of me or he doesn’t want to forget to tell me something, I get a little text & an “I love you!”
  • He manages to stay quiet when I am in a picky, spoiling for a fight mood & just resists letting me be crabby at / with him.
  • When I am frightened by something I’m watching (often), he will stop what he’s doing to come cuddle me.
  • He sets the alarm for me (I hate doing it, inexplicably).
  • Whenever he leaves, the last thing he says is, “I love you.” Just a reminder.

I’m a very lucky girl.

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