Testing Makes Me Grumpy

I won’t begin talking about how I feel about the pressure of standardized testing on non-standard elementary-age children. What I will say is that the two weeks before & week of state testing are absolutely the most boring, most frustrating, least exciting weeks of my school year. I am always tired, in a funk & blah about school, but I have to be at my brightest & most charming to excite the children (who usually feel the same way I do about reviewing / taking the test).

The problem is that we basically just do a whole lot of testing preparation. We review concepts we’ve already learned. We remind ourselves of phrases & do a ton of practice tests & released test questions. While it does adjust us to the testing mindset & allow us a chance to review all of our testing hints, it also means:

  1. I am not teaching new stuff, so I have a difficult time being my cheerful, perky self.
  2. We’re following a different routine & the kids abhor changing out established routine.
  3. Because things are different, our behavior issues spike & both the kiddos and I are frustrated.

It’s the mark of a good teacher when the kids can stay calm & peaceful when routines are disrupted & they have to tackle unpleasant tasks. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling like a very good teacher & just eagerly anticipating the weekend.

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