I Get It from Her!

The guy & I did not attend each other’s Mother’s Day celebrations on Sunday (boring story, but it involves a doozy of a fight, a broken picture frame & not getting cards / presents until the last minute). My side of the family just got together at my grandmother’s house for a little lunch & present exchanging (also my younger sister’s birthday & the day before my nephews’ birthday – they’re twins).

The five of us (sisters, niece, mother, me) were in the kitchen chatting while my brother-in-law played with the boys. I explained my ire about the whole situation (rapidly fading since there are few people who can defuse my irritation like the female members of my family in the right mood), and we ended up laughing over it.

Later on, my mother called my husband, who she likes very much. When I answered, she asked to speak to him. He was way out in the garage, so I inadvertently listened to part of their conversation as I was shutting the door and walking back. This is what I heard:

Him: Oh, hi. What’s up?

Him: (hurriedly) Yes, OF COURSE I mean, “Happy Mother’s Day!” How WAS it?!


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