Oreo Truffles

Oh, man. I made Bakerella‘s Oreo Truffles on Saturday, and they were good! No, I think they transcended good and went directly to amazing! They did not involve baking anything, used only three ingredients, and were almost a religious experience. I heard rave reviews at the party I attended. Everyone from age 8 to 80 loved them, and I am going to encourage you to give them a shot.

Ultimately, all you do is take a package of Oreos and crush them into smithereens (I actually broke out the food processor for this one & was glad I did, although you could do it by hand). Then you mix them with a brick of cream cheese. Form them into balls, put on waxed / parchment paper, freeze them for a minute to harden them, then dip them in chocolate (milk, white, etc.). If you hold back some of the pulverized cookies, you can sprinkle those on top & they’ll disguise your imperfect dipping job. Put them back in the freezer to harden for a bit, and you’re good to go. So. Excellent.

Oreo Truffle

I wanted to get a better photo of them & thought I would do it at the party once I set them out. However, they were gone before I got a chance. Take a look at her post. Not only are there better directions, but there are tons of tips about what to use & how to do it. Do read the comments!

I’m sorry I didn’t discover these when the weather was cooler (warm weather = melty truffles), but I already bought graham crackers & marshmallow fluff to experiment with some other flavors (s’mores truffles!?!). Yum!

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  1. […] so I’ll post about my bastardization of Bakerella’s Oreo Truffles (about which I posted here). Someone had idly mentioned using graham crackers in the comments on her original post, so I […]


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