Equal Parts Guilt & Frustration

So, California did not pass the ballot measures relating to our dismal budget / financial woes. This has far-reaching impact on our state, but I’ll leave that to the political pundits. I am joked out.

However, the impact that has on my school district is severe. At the board meeting last night as the ballots were being tallied, our board voted to lay off 53 teachers. These are my friends & colleagues. We might have half again as many students in our classrooms & have to buy our supplies ourselves & take a pay cut. Any one of these would be depressing, but together they are truly saddening. Even worse is knowing that people are losing their jobs (and possibly homes).

One of my friends is married to man with nine years in his district & he got a pink slip. Nine years! Our school district isn’t in as dire straits (and thank goodness, as I’ve only been teaching for six years), but I still am lost as to my response when confronted with those people (some of who are working their last day tomorrow – off track in June at our year-round school).

I just tried to type out some sarcastic comments that I’d never make, but even they sound pathetic. I am ending this journal entry because I cannot believe I am whining when I’m not even getting laid off, but this economy = shitty!

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