Three-Day Weekend

So, I ended up not taking today & tomorrow off. It seemed like an excellent idea, but I had forgotten that I had scheduled a Mexican food taste test tomorrow afternoon with my kiddos (tamales, enchilada, tortilla, etc. are vocabulary words with this story) & my mom was coming into school with me today, so it just didn’t work out exactly. Despite not taking the days off, I still have planned a pretty exciting weekend. Also, I do realize how lame it is that I find these things exciting!

  • Friday evening – dinner & a movie with that guy
  • Saturday morning – farmer’s market (maybe we’ll walk over since he doesn’t have a bike?)
  • Saturday evening – I think I might try to talk a couple of friends into going out. I haven’t seen my best friend in awhile (she’s been staying in Palo Alto for a couple of weeks) & I am thinking a group activity might work out well (bowling? billiards?).
  • Sunday late morning – brunch with my mom & the guy
  • Monday – hibernate! movies, TV on DVD, board games, pizza, togetherness!

Edit: I just reread this & realized that this weekend is just gloriously commonplace stuff, but I guess the thing that is so exciting is that we both have the three days off & get to spend them together, so I am standing steadfast in my excitement.

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