Guest Posting

Last week, I told you how excited I was about my Saturday, but I never really followed it up. That’s because I sent it to Melissa to post while she was away. It is full of pictures & even links to my music playlists, so check it out. Apparently my photos pushed it over into being two entries: part 1 & part 2.

She edited some of the text out (possibly because it was so long), so here’s my original introduction: When you asked for guest bloggers, I didn’t think I’d write anything. However, I’m pretty much the only person who seems to like the area in which I live (the Central Valley in California). So, I decided to combine two of your ideas & make an “I love my town” post via photographing my Saturday (lamentably, they’re all iPhone photos – i.e. relatively poor quality).
You see, I’m an elementary school teacher & my husband is a postman (very middle class America), so he works Saturdays & I have them off. Sometimes I meet up with my best friend & go to fairs & festivals. Sometimes I wander around my city alone. This Saturday, I exercised the latter option.
I slept in until 9:00 & spent an hour on the computer (it’s compulsory, right?!), and decided to grab my bike & head down to our local farmer’s market.


& the original conclusion: It was a wonderful Saturday that is just exactly the kind of Saturday that makes me appreciate where I live. To top it all off, we slept for 14 hours (I really don’t know why) & went out for pancakes at the best pancake place ever, so life continues to be wonderful.

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