That Time of Year

Oh, man. Here I sit, at school. It’s 6:30pm & I’ve been here for about 11 hours. These are the days that I need to remember when I spout on about my (awesome!) vacations… Not a complaint, just a reminder to myself that I do work long, hard hours when I am on track.

Our new principal started yesterday (Monday being a holiday) & called a leadership meeting for this afternoon. That’s not so bad, but it was preceded by a union meeting directly after school, a meeting with him personally at lunch, the vice principal at recess & yard duty before school. If you’re keeping track, I’ve had less than 5 minutes of break since I got here at 7:45am. The downside of being a teacher is that your breaks are not sacred. I am thinking about treating myself to something decadent for dinner (as I haven’t eaten today).

I like everything to be just so, and I tend to put too much on my own shoulders (hint: if you are ever asked to take over scheduling / setting a calendar for a year round school, SAY NO), especially this time of year. However, I know it’ll be done right, even though the figures are swimming in my head right now (19 teachers during these 6 months on track, 21 during those 3, 22 during those 3, times of 30-45 minutes of yard duty per week on a bimonthly rotating schedule with 8 15-minute slots & 2 30-minute slots daily, and heaven help us if it is not completely equal, even though how can it be with 27 teachers in total…).

I think it is time to shut down the computer & put those problems off to solve another day!

Edit: 7:00 & I swear I’m leaving now.


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