Times When It’s Worth It, Pt. 1

Recently I have had people nag me – a) about why I spend so much time at school working on stuff for my kiddos & b) why I go to / host so many extracurricular activities. I’ve been killing myself recently with getting things ready for Open House. Honestly, after staying at school until 10pm last night & going in early to get stuff ready for my mother, going directly to tutoring & not even heading home between all that, I was about ready to skip tonight’s activity – the annual Modesto Nuts baseball game.

You see, our local baseball team hosts a reading program for kids where they earn free passes to a baseball game (and a free hot dog & soda). I promised my students I’d attend though, and I can’t renege on a promise to them, so (tiredly!) I picked myself up and drove over there from the library. Unenthusiastically, I trekked across a long city block (not realizing how far away I had parked), and waited in line. I met up with one of my students right inside the gate & then another… and another. Half of my class (10 of my 20) ended up coming. We sat together, cheered, took goofy pictures & sang along with the songs they played. I had five different kids sit on my lap over the course of the evening & talked with a dozen different parents about things to do around here in the summer.

As I sat with one of my girls on my lap & my arm around another, all of us loudly singing (off key), one looked up at me & grinned. “I’m so glad you came out tonight. These are the kind of things I know I’ll always remember.” I told her I was just thinking the same thing.

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