My Mom

My mom scares the heck out of me. She lives alone in a house that’s too big for her on a lot that’s too big for her & she doesn’t really like / allow anyone else in or around there. She has aged at least a decade (or more)  in the last 5 years (especially after my grandma, her mother, died) & she cannot even walk by herself because she’s a) fallen & not gotten physical therapy, and b) is afraid of falling, so she shuffles & refuses to lift her leg to step up on a curb without assistance). She’s 66. This is unreasonable.

One of the reasons we’re looking for a new house is so that we can build a “granny flat” on it where she can live. We can make sure she walks around + isn’t lying in pain on the ground like she was today when she fell. I truly do not know what to do with someone who’s so young & acts / walks like she’s 25 years older.

I’m just so worried about her & I know she isn’t happy & her back is wrenched & I’m taking tomorrow off to help her out & this is bad all around & I want her to live forever. Ugh.

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