Small Note

I firmly believe that I age myself based on the first person whose entire life I remember. In my case, it’s my niece. I was 13 when she was born, and I completely remember the day it was announced that my sister was pregnant, how she looked when she was full term, my niece coming home from the hospital & her entire life after that. It has been humbling watching her grow up because I tracked my adolescence and young-adulthood by things I’ve done with her. We have a peculiar & enduring friendship & I genuinely like her a lot.

Amazingly, she turns 17 today. 17 years ago today was the first Saturday after I exited junior high school & I declined the offer of going to the hospital (early in the morning! like 9am!), but she’s been around ever since. She’s gorgeous, tall (5’9″ and a bit – and the doctor just told her she’s still growing – insert maniacal laugh there), bright, flighty, sassy, creative & very, very dear. So, happy birthday to her!

P.S. She is currently trying not to scratch off all her extremities while battling a ferocious case of chicken pox, so this birthday may be more memorable than most for her – albeit for completely the wrong reasons!

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