Barbecuin’ Fools

We have taken to BBQing a LOT recently. I don’t think a week has gone by in May or June without us firing up our grill. We try to take advantage of the whole surface and frequently BBQ a bunch of meat for our upcoming lunches or also do corn or whatever else. I need to be more proactive about baking (roasting? barbecuing?) potatoes on the grill too, since I detest baking potatoes (unreasonable fear). Here are some of the BBQ recipes we’ve been liking recently (although these err more on the “side dishes” than “BBQ” end of the spectrum).

homemade BBQ sauce (we add an extra 1/2 c of brown sugar) * baked beans (we use red pepper flakes instead of chilies) * cold black bean salad (I am not a big fan of peppers, so we’re more “lots of red onion” and whatever is around thrown in) * no-knead bread

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