Times When It’s Worth It, Pt. 3

I got an email from a former student today. She’ll be entering seventh grade next year, which means it’s been three years since she exited my door. Here is an excerpt:

I love you, and i miss you. We have to hang out! You still hold the title of best teacher in the world!

I had an exiting fifth grade student (was in my class two years ago) walk up to me today & hug me & tell me that her memories from my class were still the brightest in her heart.

I ran into a parent whose son I had in my first year of teaching (now in high school, amazingly!). She quoted from something I had written in one of his books & told me they still looked at them, especially his memory book, when he was getting ready for a new year of school (to remind him of how fresh & excited he was about education when he was eight).

I’ve gotten very little sleep recently & still have a ton of stuff more to do. I’ve broken my back & wallet & am at my wit’s end & full of useless sayings, but when I get kids who are two, three, six years out of my class coming back & telling me that what I do makes a difference to them & that the memories I help create are the ones that they treasure the most, well. Yeah, I’m going in early to work on stuff tomorrow. It’s worth it.


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