Three Hours

So, I had an absolutely insane May & June and then made the dubious decision to have overlapping house guests for three weeks. Today I begged my guy to take our remaining house guest out to do something so I could have a couple of hours by myself. I feel like a real human being again & was strangely productive (although I assumed I’d sit idly on the couch & enjoy being silent, apparently flying solo imbued me with energy). A partial list of my three hours alone:

  • ate a whole small cheese pizza
  • wrote two letters (one to my absent best friend & one to my far-away pen pal)
  • finished a book & read half of another
  • lazed around in a bath & took a too-long shower
  • set bread out to rise (experimenting with garlic in that NY Times No-Knead Bread recipe that I highly recommend)
  • made cookie batter (might wait to bake them until our BBQ tonight)
  • paid bills
  • worked on my lesson plan book
  • got my stuff out / started on those math quizzes I keep meaning to write
  • worked on my wreckable journal
  • did some dishes
  • caught up on emails & clearing out my inboxes
  • listened to music that was cranked up too high
  • reveled in being alone in my house

Oh, lovely day!


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