Short Bits

So, let’s be honest. I’ve had a long run of not updating. Here is my life recently, in list form (because you know I love lists):

  • end of school (I cried & so did they – such a good class!)
  • two Canadian friends visiting me for a total of three weeks
  • trips to Sacramento, Southern California (including Disneyland), Las Vegas & many, many trips to San Francisco
  • too many trips to look at houses that aren’t for us
  • offering on many houses & being rejected (“Just one person ahead of you, but they have X amount more for a down payment. Sorry!”)
  • maybe, possibly, don’t get your hopes up too soon… buying a new house? We’ll see. If I was looking in a magic 8-ball, it’d say, “Prospects are favorable.”
  • being a little solitary & enjoying some solo time
  • seeing my niece a few times (always a pleasant surprise as I don’t rank too high on a 17-year-old’s social priority list)
  • daydreaming a lot
  • obsessively planning / worrying / being excited about next year’s class

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