Cleaning Makes Me Procrastinate

I absolutely detest cleaning things out. This is why our garage was impassable for 4 years & I still have a couple of bags & boxes that have survived MANY moves (out of my mom’s, back to my mom’s, to the dorm, home, to the dorm, home, to the apartment, to the duplex, to the house – amazingly 10 in 12 years, or rather 10 in 7 years & then none for the past 5). Our actual bedroom turned into a large storage room / closet about a year ago (not coincidentally around the time of our wedding). Between wedding paraphernalia & gifts and the rest of our junk, it turned into a repository of stuff that we chose to benignly ignore, skirting our way over boxes & inching past gifts. We took to sleeping in the “guest” bedroom & only going in our bedroom if we needed clothes.

Well, my secret personal goal for myself for this time off was to clean it out. I put it off & put it off. Some of my excuses were good (three weeks of company & can’t really make them watch me sort through unused wedding gifts) & some were lame (can’t put this book down because it’s a new read & I don’t know the ending!), but I buckled down yesterday & did approximately 3/5 of the work. I found old photos & sweet cards & wedding mementos & four pieces of clothing we’re relatively sure aren’t ours & a lot of trash.

Regardless, I got a great start & the idea that we won’t have to keep that door closed at all times to avoid offending people with our mess, well, it’s intoxicating.

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