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House Update

I tried to stop talking about houses that we’d offered on since it was a fun roller coaster ride of the last 8 months (the time we’ve been actively looking & offering on houses), but I was actually asked to submit my earnest money & they deducted that (not insignificant) amount from my checking account, so I might have a different address come mid-September. All in all, not bad. That’d put us in the new house before:

  • our birthdays (a week apart) & the party we traditionally have on the weekend between them
  • I go off track at the end of October (which is excellent – time to get everything settled).
  • we host a bunch of friends for the first weekend in November (because truly, where would I put 20 people in my current house? on the front lawn?)
  • the holidays (one or more gathering might end up at our house this year – contingent on us procuring a dining room table that seats more than 6)

So, tentative success!



I know that I have too many schedule restrictions to go to most of the community education classes offered by my local junior college (not Tuesday or Thursday at allĀ or any Friday before 4pm or Wednesdays before 5pm or Mondays before 6pm…), but I love perusing their selection & dreaming about the things I’d like to learn how to do.

Today’s list includes:

  • swing dancing
  • watercolor or oil painting
  • conversational Spanish
  • poetry workshop (for more fluid poetry)
  • basic automobile maintenance
  • how to better take portraits / head shots (almost all I take at school)
  • do-it-yourself household plumbing

Note: I absolutely love that all of these things are taught about 2 minutes from my house for $30 – $60 per class. Reasonable & convenient!

Oh, Laughter

Sometimes I don’t think people understand/believe how amusing my husband is when it’s just the two of us. Somehow, when I relate the stories, they never quite come out as hysterical as they were when they were happening. God, I love that guy.


For a variety of reasons, I have been pretty anti-social for the past six months. Other than my mom & husband, I haven’t been going out with people as much or organizing as many gatherings. To be fair, I am not a total recluse. I still go to social gatherings that others plan, see my friends at school-I-teach,avidly write letters & communicate with people online. Although all of that is acceptable & understandable, it’s also been the cause of some introspection, and I have come to a conclusion.

A lot of the time, I am just too hard on myself & I don’t know how to quit self-judging.