House Update

I tried to stop talking about houses that we’d offered on since it was a fun roller coaster ride of the last 8 months (the time we’ve been actively looking & offering on houses), but I was actually asked to submit my earnest money & they deducted that (not insignificant) amount from my checking account, so I might have a different address come mid-September. All in all, not bad. That’d put us in the new house before:

  • our birthdays (a week apart) & the party we traditionally have on the weekend between them
  • I go off track at the end of October (which is excellent – time to get everything settled).
  • we host a bunch of friends for the first weekend in November (because truly, where would I put 20 people in my current house? on the front lawn?)
  • the holidays (one or more gathering might end up at our house this year – contingent on us procuring a dining room table that seats more than 6)

So, tentative success!

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