I think the worst part about trying to cook in the week is not having all of the supplies on hand (and settling for pizza or Cheerios instead of venturing back out to the store), so we’ve been (for the last few months) trying to plan our meals out ahead of time & do our shopping on Sundays (our only day off together). It’s so nerdy & awesome & it actually works.

  • Sunday – BBQ (new hamburger recipe– awesome! – although we used leaner meat as I don’t like grease)
  • Monday – grilled tuna sandwiches (trying to use the hamburger buns they only sell in packages far too large for our two-person household)
  • Tuesday – homemade pizza
  • Wednesday – baked ribs (my first time making them, amazingly)
  • Thursday – grilled chicken
  • Friday – date night!

We always seem to have tri tip on Sundays & pot roast on Tuesdays & salmon on Thursdays, so I banned them this week. I was in love with our grilled tuna tonight (truly, toasted tuna). It was just a leftover hamburger bun with tuna & red onions & swiss cheese (and pickles if we had any) just toasted, but it was so good! I had some leftover shortcake biscuits & chopped up almost the last of the strawberries & added a little sugar & cinnamon in a pan and made easy, homemade strawberry shortcake (without any icky whipped cream).

If anyone reads this & has other similarly simple recipes to share, send them our way. Other than Wednesday nights (traditionally our “new recipe” night since it’s the only night of the week I’m not busy doing something), we try to stay with simple-to-prepare meals (although, admittedly, I am NOT doing the lion’s share of the cooking – I still like to be nice).

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