Amazing Tuna Melt

Last week, I had the most delicious tuna melt sandwich ever. If I hadn’t already married this guy, I’d do it on the strength of his cooking. It’s a simple, mundane recipe, but it is just about perfect.

Combine tuna with your desired amount of mayonnaise (for me, very little; for him, quite a bit). Add chopped up dill pickles & red onion to taste. Take two slices of bread, butter lightly. Place the tuna mixture on one slices of bread (non-buttered side). Place in a pan. Put a slice of cheese on the other side (for me, cheddar; for him, swiss) & add a couple of slices of bacon if you’re feeling decadent. When the bread is totally toasted (can be done in a toaster oven if you’re not feeling the butter), take off the pan, add some slices of avocado & combine.

Now, I know the recipe itself isn’t any great shakes, but it is just wonderful & warm & delicious as the weather begins to turn colder. Make it. You won’t be sad you did.

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