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One of the best traditions that my family has regarding Thanksgiving is making everyone welcome. There has always been enough room for one (or twenty) more & I truly appreciate the generosity / open-door policy. As the emails have been flying around regarding dinner menus (potluck, so my mom & aunt do the basics and everyone else brings a dish or two), I’ve seen the list grow & expand until the current total of dinner guests is, I believe, 28. I love that.

The list is currently comprised of my mother, her three daughters, their three husbands, the three kids + a friend of my niece’s, my best friend & her boyfriend, my aunt, her son and his fiancée (my other cousin and his wife are in Australia for two months – color me envious), my aunt’s boyfriend (ooh la la), his daughter, her husband, their three kids, my uncle (aunt’s ex-husband), a couple who are friends with my cousins + their child, a couple who are longtime friends & possibly someone else I’m missing.

I guess I’m just thankful that our homes & tables are open to all & that this holiday is approached with the idea of sharing it with everyone. Also, be jealous of the quantity of food that will be served – 5 types of appetizers, 2 turkeys,  mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, dressing,  jello salad, wine, hot cider, three types of vegetables, two types of salad, buns, stuffed mushrooms, and, of course, apple & berry & pumpkin pies. What a feast!