Current Loves

While scouting out Christmas presents for others, I find myself seeing a bunch of things online that I am particularly loving. Take a look.

I’ve seen these linked to all over the internet, and I am in love each time I see them. These personalized cards include a hand-painted illustration of you. They’re pricy but oh-so-adorable!

I wear my Toms so often that I’ve been looking into getting another pair. I adore the black glitter ones, but my current pair are black, so I am leaning toward these instead. So cute! If you haven’t read / heard about what they do over at Toms, you should read about it.

Terrarium ornaments!

Homemade advent calendars! I’ve seen them all over. I definitely did not make one this year, but it’s on my to-do list for the next season (or maybe we’ll do a modified “12-days of” one).

I have so many cookies bookmarked to make this season. I could bake a batch each day & still have more to try. Some tempting ones include: mini-ginger cookie sandwiches with cinnamon cream cheese filling (pictured above), brown sugar walnut shortbread, glazed maple cookies, lemon cornmeal shortbread cookies, pecan rochers & homemade Oreos!

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