I love Christmas!

I love seeing everyone & the excuse to bake cookies & the ebullient holiday spirits, but mostly I love gifts.

Before you condemn me for being materialistic, let me rephrase. I love giving gifts. I absolutely LOVE picking out the perfect present for someone & watching their face as they open it up, surprised, pleased & excited. I love knowing that I found something they want / need, especially if it’s something they didn’t know existed.

I love the fact that my best friend (who is several states away from me) will open an unabashedly sentimental gift & I know she’ll cry. Moreover, I know she’ll love that I sent her a gift that will make her cry. I love the fact that I figured out what to get my mother (notoriously difficult to shop for) & am absolutely sure that she’ll use each one of the “little indulgences” that I picked out for her. I know that my little sister will laugh at her present & my older sister will smile with anticipation & my nephews will gasp with excitement.

I just love that.

I’m terrible about present-giving in general. Sometimes I’ll give lavish presents for no reason. Sometimes I won’t be able to think of something for your birthday. However, I’m pretty spot-on with Christmas, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how the presents go over!

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. […] My family’s gathering isn’t until Monday, but I’ll see my mother & older sister + her family tomorrow, and we’ll exchange gifts. I love watching people open presents. Have I mentioned that before? […]


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