My Life in Hours

So, I finished the hour-by-hour tracking of my week. Honestly, I did not write something down for each hour. I only kept track of seven things that I thought I do a lot (sleep, school [my work], read, volunteer, computer games, watch movies / DVDs, cook). I was somewhat surprised.

My week in hours:

  • in the week: 168 (24/day, obviously)
  • at school / on school-related stuff (district meetings, teaching an after school program, all included): 50 (10/day, pretty strict about not doing school stuff on the weekends)
  • sleeping: 47.5 (6.8/night – Eek! – This was also quite influenced by me sleeping 10 hours last night. I need to be careful about getting more than this!)
  • reading: 10 (1.4/day – also influenced by the weekend – 6 of the 10 hours were on Saturday / Sunday, but that’s okay)
  • volunteering: 6 (.9/day – but that’s more than sufficient – I’m happy with 20 hours / month, which I handily get)
  • movies / TV on DVD: 4 (.5/day – That’s much less than I thought we spent. We often watch a little bit of TV before we go to sleep [20 minutes of a show / DVD], but it did not add up to an unreasonable amount, I don’t think.)
  • computer games: 20 (2.85/day – Hm! That’s a little higher average than I’d like. We had a lot going on with our game this week, but still. However, I’ll bet other people take their downtime reading internet forums or watching TV, so I guess that’s not too terrible, but still, a little higher than I’d like.)
  • cooking: 2 (I won’t even bother doing a by day for this. I didn’t cook anything during the week – one hour each on Saturday & Sunday. Thank goodness for my husband.)
  • total hours logged: 139.5/168 (I’m not sure where the rest of my time went? It takes me about 20-30 minutes on my way to school & 20 on my way home. That’s about 4 hours/week. I ran errands on Saturday for a few hours, maybe 3? I spend an hour in the morning each day getting up, showered, ready, checking email, etc., but still short 16 hours. I do not know!)

So, I guess I learned that I need more sleep & don’t need to worry about my downtime / relaxing time. I am doing well with the volunteering, lucky to have a husband who enjoys cooking, and need to not spend so much time at school. Not terrible, but not great. I think I am going to try to do this once a month to evaluate how I’m spending my time. I was surprised by some of these numbers, truly.

Try it yourself & let me know how it goes.

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