10 Reasons My Husband is Great

  1. On his days off, he cooks ridiculously complex French meals. We had lobster thermadore on Sunday.
  2. If I sing part of a line to a song, he’ll finish it for me.
  3. He always, always opens the door for me & holds the door of the car. Old-fashioned? Perhaps, but it makes me feel cherished.
  4. If I’m doing something, he’ll get me a snack or a drink just as a matter of course.
  5. He sends me silly text messages throughout the day.
  6. He carries 409 with him at work so that, if he steps in dog poop, he can clean his shoes RIGHT AWAY.
  7. He always praises my baking.
  8. He is gentle & kind with my mother.
  9. He does all of our laundry & dishes, and he always takes the garbage out.
  10. In eight years, not a day has gone by that he hasn’t told me he loves me.

One response to this post.

  1. Such great thoughts!!! It’s always so nice to remember the little things (that add up).


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