Current Loves

Here are some things that I am finding particularly enchanting:

Yes, that’s the Loch Ness Monster to hang on your wall in this woman’s art – feltidermy. The cute, it’s overwhelming here. She has more traditional fare as well as slightly wackier creatures.

I am a sucker for rainbow-colored things, even though these pancakes sparked a heated debate over giving your child food that doesn’t look natural. (My take: As an occasional treat, I think it’s fine. I am amused that people think someone would offer his/her child these every morning. Too much work!)

In that same vein, this rainbow cake is hugely impressive. I like the whole rainbow party idea (follow the link for the balloon shot). Lovely!

I have been listening to this mix over & over. Oh, you recipients of my occasional mix CDs are certain to have some of these songs on the next one. So well done!

I am digging this woman’s collections, which she is posting one per day for 2010. Slightly offbeat, definitely unique, they’re a daily smile for me.

I reread the whole Terrible Yellow Eyes installment & just fell in love again. It was such a neat project. I am almost glad that it ended because how could they keep up the variety of mediums & quality of work for more than a year. What an amazing show.


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