Current Loves

I really enjoy this Etsy shop full of jewelry made from recycled skateboards. Very Santa Cruz. (although they’re actually from Nova Scotia, I believe).

Netflix allows me to watch TV without worrying about commercials or paying for cable. I can’t help but enjoy that. I also like that, after several years of our viewing history, it has decided that my husband and I like romantic teen comedies, gritty crime dramas, shows with a strong female lead, and indie gay comedies. Pretty accurate, all in all.

I am in love with scarves & contemplating this one.

My wishlist has so many books just waiting to be purchased. I really enjoy wandering through bookstores, although I don’t enjoy paying full price for books. I take paper & a pen & write down all the titles that look interesting… and is just waiting for me to claim used books.

I also really love necklaces and have been coveting this one. This woman makes jewelry from broken china, which is awesome. However, it’s a bit pricy for my taste, so I’ll have to wait for it to go on sale.

I have been volunteering more and more at our local State Theatre & was asked to be on the board of the local Film Society (which hosts classic films monthly at the theatre). Geeky? Perhaps. Regardless, I love old black & white movies, and now I’m a part of bringing them to my local town, so I feel pretty in love with that idea.

I feel so strongly about giving back to your community, and there’s a project in my own town that encourages volunteering. Every 6 months or so, they have a day of volunteering – cleaning up the city, building homes, helping the elderly, giving your time & energy to tons of different projects in our area. I hadn’t heard about it before, but I’m set to volunteer at the next one. What a great way to spend a Saturday!

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