Memorable Valentine’s Day

For the first time, I set a post to “schedule,” i.e. post later than I was writing it. I thought I’d be doing something fun and memorable for Valentine’s Day but would want a little post of love to go up. It turns out that I was half right.

On Sunday afternoon, I had increasingly sharp pain in my abdomen, overwhelming nausea & vomiting, and made my husband take me to the emergency room. Good call, since I had an ovarian cyst that had grown to enormous proportions, swelling to reach from my right ovary up to my rib cage, twisting on itself & in danger of rupturing. We spent Sunday scared in the hospital, early, early Monday morning having surgery & the next 24 hours in the hospital recuperating.

I’m fine, truly – and grateful that we caught it when we did.

The real star of the story though, is my husband. Looking forward to his three days off (Sunday, Monday was a holiday & Tuesday was his regularly scheduled day off), he instead spent virtually every waking moment (and some sleeping ones as we napped together, scared and exhausted) with me. He held my hand when the pain was so bad that I could barely speak, squeezed my fingers when, after vomiting for so long, my veins were almost impossible to find & took 6 different pokes / prods to get, read a book out loud to me when I could barely keep my eyes open, helped me shower when I couldn’t do it alone, and has been the strongest, most solid person in this mess.

He brought me a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day (he always does), but the best gift that I received was the unwavering support through good times and bad & the absolute assurance that I’m not in any of this alone. It might’ve taken an oversized cyst, scary emergency surgery, an incision the size of a c-section & two days in the hospital, but I have truly never felt more cherished & loved. Take THAT Valentine’s Day!

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