Ironically, being confined to my house for two weeks did NOT give me incentive to post more often. Indeed, it roughly halted all posting. I could say it was because I was focused on getting better, but it was actually because a) there’s not much to say about sitting in your house & b) I was too busy watching Glee. Here is a rough timeline of my last two weeks (post-hospital):

  • have husband help me out of bed so as not to strain abdominal muscles
  • decide shower is necessary but then wait too long & watch husband leave for work & resign self to another day on the couch
  • read an entire book
  • play computer game
  • wish people updated their blogs more
  • decide to post on own blog so as to cosmically encourage others to do so
  • realize “I ate an entire piece of toast & read another book” is not an appropriate post
  • decline to post
  • text husband about when he is going to come home
  • sigh copiously about the fact that he will be completing 8-hour workday, as per usual
  • read another book
  • text husband again (he is now x – 15 minutes closer to being home)
  • have long phone conversations with a patient mother
  • read another book

It’s been a fascinating two weeks. NOT! I feel like I regressed into the 80s to type that, but I am not going to delete it.

However, I do have some excellent news which is that we finally got a house. I think. Well, I am pretty sure. Until the key is in my hand, I won’t be positive, but conditions seem favorable. My best friend came to town yesterday (note: she fully supported my Glee addiction – validated!), and she saw it and liked it. Other than being obnoxiously large (which means my husband loves it), it is just right. It’s laid out just about perfectly. Next order of business? Finding a roommate so that their rent can be used to purchase furniture. We have 1000 sq ft of house right now, with furniture to match. That house is approximately three times the size.

So, to recap: I can put on my own pants now. We might be moving (maybe, probably, don’t want to jinx it). I wish I could sing like Mercedes on Glee. My husband is extremely patient & I love him.

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