Connect Four

I play this game with my husband very, very occasionally. One of the reasons why we don’t play it more often is because he feels sorry for me. Invariably, this is how our games go:

  • We begin evenly – blocking each other’s plays.
  • I think of an absolutely brilliant plan that will trap him into assisting my win.
  • He notices what I’m doing and counters it.
  • I don’t notice his counter, get disproportionately excited about how I’m going to win.
  • I lose.

I am a good strategist, adept at many games. However, something about this game just baffles me. Luckily, my husband will only play this with me infrequently, which I really appreciate. Last night, while waiting for the peanut butter cookies to come out of the oven, I talked him into a game. I was so excited that I was shaking the game as I held it. I almost had the win. Almost apologetically, he beat me yet again. Maybe next time (but probably not)!

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