Favorite Activities – Husband

He’s so great that he’s always on my mind. Something about that guy just makes me beam (an awesome quality to have in a husband). Here are some things we particularly like to do:

  • make up needlessly complicated acronyms to tell each other “I love you” (example: IRLYVMLAL, sent earlier this week, is “I really love you very much like A LOT”)
  • sit on the couch together & cuddle & watch movies
  • spoon both ways before we go to sleep (me on the outside first, then him on the outside second)
  • cook / bake for each other
  • find inconsistencies in TV shows / movies that we watch (her hair was over her shoulder in that shot, then behind, then over again)
  • saying “ly” when people forget to properly adverbialize (made that word up), usually just to the TV
  • play card games with flexible rules & not keep score
  • not play Clue or Connect Four
  • speak in funny voices / have conversations in quotes from friends / media we enjoy
  • send each other links via MSN Messenger, even if we’re in the same room
  • have long, chatty dinners
  • plan things we want for the future (names of children, parties we want to throw, vacations we want to take, etc.)

I seriously love that guy SSSMLAWL (so so so much, like a WHOLE lot).

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