Things I Like

I am digging this guy’s Twitter & website (the latter of which is largely made of drawings such as these):


His humor is making me smile today. He also has a store if you cannot live without these any longer. As his prints are only $10, I might indulge in one or three myself.

I am also enchanted by samplers. I did one of these samplers when I was in sixth grade & completely stuck to the prescribed pattern, thinking that was the assignment. I ruthlessly followed the directions & turned out a well-done, if uninspired, fawn or some such tripe. My teacher then told us we were supposed to use our imaginations (way to keep the creativity on the down low until after the assignment is turned in), and I threw away my project & never tried cross-stitching again. True story. I do think this is adorable though.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the When Harry Met Sally horror remix is awesome, especially if you love the movie.

Lastly, I love this cloud necklace. It’s delicate & girly & lovely.

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