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It’s Bigger than You.

My Grandma Helen was one of the best people I’ve ever met – probably the┬ábest. She espoused “Christian” values in the very best way possible – through her actions. Each morning, she spent an hour or two praying for everyone from her family to the president. She taught until her late 60s, when the district said she had to retire. Then she ran the homeschool division of her school district until she had to retire from there too. After that, she tutored children in her hometown. She adopted three children in her life – two as infants (including my father) & one after her children were grown & her husband had passed – a teenage girl. She always had food for anyone who stopped by, and she drove “elderly” members of her church to the store & to worship until she gave up her driver’s license around age 90.

Our lives are very different. With 75 years separating our years of birth, I know aspects of my life would be shocking to her (but I married him, Grandma, so the living together doesn’t count – right??), as hers would be to me. However, since I was a small child, she impressed upon me that we are bigger than ourselves. We’re a part of a community – be that at our home, school, church, city or even larger level.

I have always had her in my mind when volunteering – sometimes expressly volunteering at an activity that I know she’d have loved to do herself, sometimes as an afterthought, an “I wish I could tell her about this” moment. This morning, as part of Love Modesto, I took carnations & conversation to people in a couple of retirement homes, something Grandma did at Bethany Home for as long as I was alive, certainly, until she went there herself. When talking with a woman who missed her grandchildren who were away at college, I started crying, and we talked about my grandma for quite a while. As we left, the woman took my hand and told me that my grandma would be proud of me and the adult I became, and I’m just holding onto that today.

I’m so grateful for my life, my home, my husband & family, but especially that I had such a strong inspiration early on. It’s a sentimental day, and I do miss my grandma.


I’m Fairly Certain…

No one combines exhaustion & excitement like an elementary school teacher the night before summer break.

In 70 Minutes…

The first person who I remember from gestation on is going to turn 18. I remember her as a squalling infant & she is, very shortly, going to be a legal adult. Although I don’t put too much stock in what a certain age should feel like, I do know that this made me pause. One uncomfortable moment came when I remembered a conversation I had with her as I turned 18. She was 5 & impressed by my advanced age. She asked me how old I’d be when she turned 18 (“finally turned 18” is how she, at 5, phrased it), and I laughed and said, “Wow! 31!”

Suddenly 31 isn’t seeming so wow-worthy.

Regardless, she is beautiful, moody, bright, frustrating, gregarious, a high-school graduate & has a wicked sense of humor. Happy birthday, Lily.

Things I Like

Any recipe that involves s’mores is great. I’ve tried s’mores cookies & s’mores brownies & used the leftovers to make regular s’mores. Something about the combination of chocolate, marshmallows & graham just screams summer to me. Be kind & don’t point out that I originally said the s’mores cookies were perfect for winter. I think that combination is always perfect. How about that?

I can’t remember if I put this song on any mix I’ve sent out, but I can’t stop listening to it. (Band of Horses – The Funeral) I know I’ve included some music by Band of Horses on some mix,┬ábut this song in particular has been resonating with me recently.

Okay, seriously – 10 inspiring images of balloons – Who DOESN’T want to click that link??

Also, I doubt that anyone who was in junior high around the same time as I was would turn down this gem.

Ridiculous Things My Husband Says

Today, my husband walked into the computer room, and this conversation ensued…

  • him: So, [mutual friend] & I are going to go push my car. Do you want to come?
  • me: Is your car broken?
  • him: Well, no.
  • me: Why would you want to push your car then?
  • him: Well, there’s this strength exercise that requires a specialized sled with 45-pound weights on it & ramping up the difficulty while pushing it in 20-second bursts of strength & stamina. We don’t have that sled, so we’re going to take my car to an abandoned field & take turns pushing it. So, –
  • me: No.