Vacation Makes Me Lazy

The more time off I have, the less I seem to write. It seems incomprehensible that I make time to write when I’m busy & don’t bother when I’m free, but there you have it. I’m “a paradox, wrapped inside and enigma, wrapped inside a puzzle, that is a mystery.” Or, in more probable terms, I am lazy.

I’ve had three weeks of vacation (and yes, I do understand how lucky I am to have a teacher’s vacation schedule), and this has been my schedule:

  • spend time with my husband
  • volunteer at my local theatre
  • cook for my husband (who so often cooks for me)
  • try recipes I’ve been meaning to make for some time
  • volunteer at my local library
  • take day trips
  • spend a day with each of my sisters & my niece
  • tutor
  • sleep in
  • finish unpacking / clean the new house (this is more of a “to do” than an “already done”)
  • spend more time with my husband

All in all, I haven’t done anything life-shattering, but I have spent time with loved ones & doing things I love, so I think I’m coming out on top overall.


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