Things I Like

Tell me that clock isn’t awesome. I dare you. What an amazing use of vintage records. At about $42 USD, I am not sure I can justify it as a whimsical purchase, but I do love it. Check out the site for other phenomenal designs.

My Milk Toof is a site that uses baby teeth as comedy. It is ridiculous but I love it. All of the shots are so well-styled & I smile while reading each one.

Check out this awesome graffiti proposal. I am completely digging the artistry & letting kids be involved in the piece. Additionally, the couple looks so happy, and I am a sucker for happy, recently engaged couples.

I have made these four times now because they are so delicious & easy. I cannot recommend them enough. Perhaps when I am not gorging myself, I’ll make a post about different variations, etc. but currently that simple recipe & the suggestions in the comment on Epicurious are enough to lead you to total breakfast domination.


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