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Love Is…

– making easy-to-eat nachos for your husband while he’s into his new computer game & can’t tear himself away from the computer.

– cleaning the house with your wife on your day off because she is freaking out that things aren’t done & her girlfriends are coming over that night.

– notes hidden around the house that say why your husband is great.

– bringing lunch to your wife’s school on your day off to sneak an extra 45 minutes together because she’s your favorite person.

– always, always noticing your wife’s new haircut, even when it looks the same.


Lazy or Just Caffeine-Deprived: You Decide.

I wish this post could be about the scads of amazing things that I’ve accomplished recently. Lamentably, it isn’t. I have spent the last month or so just feeling tired & lazy. This could be attributed to my attempt to (largely) give up caffeine, and if so, wow. I’ve never slept so much & accomplished so little. I am going to list things that I have done, just so I feel as though my life is not whizzing by as I nap.

  • put in extra time volunteering at all of favorite places over break (prepping for the media sale at The State, teaching new tutors for ReadingWorks & picking up extra shifts at The Little Shop for Friends of the Modesto Library)
  • started a new school year, made it through Back to School Night & successfully began a new class
  • sorted through approximately half of the things in my house that I had hoped to sort through this summer (half is better than none)
  • read more
  • watched a million episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

I really thought there’d be more on that list. Hold a hope that my energy level will rise in the near future…