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Lazy or Just Caffeine-Deprived: You Decide.

I wish this post could be about the scads of amazing things that I’ve accomplished recently. Lamentably, it isn’t. I have spent the last month or so just feeling tired & lazy. This could be attributed to my attempt to (largely) give up caffeine, and if so, wow. I’ve never slept so much & accomplished so little. I am going to list things that I have done, just so I feel as though my life is not whizzing by as I nap.

  • put in extra time volunteering at all of favorite places over break (prepping for the media sale at The State, teaching new tutors for ReadingWorks & picking up extra shifts at The Little Shop for Friends of the Modesto Library)
  • started a new school year, made it through Back to School Night & successfully began a new class
  • sorted through approximately half of the things in my house that I had hoped to sort through this summer (half is better than none)
  • read more
  • watched a million episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

I really thought there’d be more on that list. Hold a hope that my energy level will rise in the near future…


It’s Bigger than You.

My Grandma Helen was one of the best people I’ve ever met – probably the best. She espoused “Christian” values in the very best way possible – through her actions. Each morning, she spent an hour or two praying for everyone from her family to the president. She taught until her late 60s, when the district said she had to retire. Then she ran the homeschool division of her school district until she had to retire from there too. After that, she tutored children in her hometown. She adopted three children in her life – two as infants (including my father) & one after her children were grown & her husband had passed – a teenage girl. She always had food for anyone who stopped by, and she drove “elderly” members of her church to the store & to worship until she gave up her driver’s license around age 90.

Our lives are very different. With 75 years separating our years of birth, I know aspects of my life would be shocking to her (but I married him, Grandma, so the living together doesn’t count – right??), as hers would be to me. However, since I was a small child, she impressed upon me that we are bigger than ourselves. We’re a part of a community – be that at our home, school, church, city or even larger level.

I have always had her in my mind when volunteering – sometimes expressly volunteering at an activity that I know she’d have loved to do herself, sometimes as an afterthought, an “I wish I could tell her about this” moment. This morning, as part of Love Modesto, I took carnations & conversation to people in a couple of retirement homes, something Grandma did at Bethany Home for as long as I was alive, certainly, until she went there herself. When talking with a woman who missed her grandchildren who were away at college, I started crying, and we talked about my grandma for quite a while. As we left, the woman took my hand and told me that my grandma would be proud of me and the adult I became, and I’m just holding onto that today.

I’m so grateful for my life, my home, my husband & family, but especially that I had such a strong inspiration early on. It’s a sentimental day, and I do miss my grandma.

Gearing Up

Just as I was about to sigh & get ready for another day of rainy day schedule, I saw this picture, and it inspired me to have a better attitude.

I reminded myself to smile, to be cheerful & to enjoy my students.

Then, for fun, I looked out the window. It looked promising. I checked the forecasted weather & it will be 78 & sunny today – perfect!

A little positive attitude was repaid in spades!

Things I Like

In fantastic news, we DID officially get & move into the new house. In less fantastic news, the internet / phone company botched our installation, so we were without our beloved internet for a week or so. Between that & tracking back on to school, I have been a bit out of touch. Regardless, let’s kill some time before I leave to meet my little sister for dinner & talk about my latest crushes.

I love that this girl makes cute banners that say more than “Happy Birthday!” Not to fault the birthday banner, but this is something that I’d display on a more permanent basis as well as a good reminder!

I love that it’s almost time for the farmers’ market. Our local market is on hiatus from Christmas – May 1 & I’m jealous of all of those places that have markets that either stay open the entire year or open in April. I’ve been reading about fresh produce & berries & bread, and I’m excited that we’re less than three weeks away!

I’m also thrilled that the Friends of the Library is having a table at the aforementioned market as an entrepreneurial volunteer might have repeatedly suggested. If you are in the area, said volunteer will be staffing it on market opening day.

One of my husband’s & my guilty pleasures is Flight of the Conchords & we scored tickets for their Berkeley show as they’re on tour this year. They are balancing out the very girly, indie live music list of shows we’re seeing this spring / summer – Indigo Girls, She & Him, and Lilith Fair. So thanks to Jemaine & Bret, my husband will not lose ALL manly street cred in 2010 (despite my machinations otherwise).

And it wouldn’t be a post of things I like without a link to some necklace or earrings, right? I am digging how this girl combines hand-tatted lace with delicate metal chains to make some gorgeous, unique jewelry.

Anticipation of a Great Week

  • new house keys on Tuesday afternoon
  • lunch with my mama on Wednesday or Thursday, midday
  • Indigo Girls @ The State on Friday night
  • maybe a little time snuck in with my best friend during the week or on Saturday
  • bowling with my friends on Saturday night
  • French films @ The State on Sunday afternoon (free tickets!)

Hello week! I am excited for you!

Love Where You Are

Spend some time just enjoying where you are. There’s something wonderful about your location. Enjoy it.

In my neck of the woods, it’s daffodils, a concert, an old friend (hopefully) coming to visit, our favorite Greek restaurant, the bead store I’ve visited for the last 15 years, a free art gallery, time snuggling on the couch & a walk in the sunshine.

Have a great time loving your life & city.

I am…

  • wrapped in a blanket
  • always awake when my husband gets up
  • excited about the upcoming live events at The State
  • happy that a random restaurant find (Fisherman’s Galley) turned out so well (great bread, soup, fish, service)
  • contemplating tempting fate & beginning to pack for our possible impending move
  • looking for new auto insurance
  • volunteering at the library tomorrow
  • waiting until my husband leaves for work before bursting (inexplicably) into song