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My Life in Hours

So, I finished the hour-by-hour tracking of my week. Honestly, I did not write something down for each hour. I only kept track of seven things that I thought I do a lot (sleep, school [my work], read, volunteer, computer games, watch movies / DVDs, cook). I was somewhat surprised.

My week in hours:

  • in the week: 168 (24/day, obviously)
  • at school / on school-related stuff (district meetings, teaching an after school program, all included): 50 (10/day, pretty strict about not doing school stuff on the weekends)
  • sleeping: 47.5 (6.8/night – Eek! – This was also quite influenced by me sleeping 10 hours last night. I need to be careful about getting more than this!)
  • reading: 10 (1.4/day – also influenced by the weekend – 6 of the 10 hours were on Saturday / Sunday, but that’s okay)
  • volunteering: 6 (.9/day – but that’s more than sufficient – I’m happy with 20 hours / month, which I handily get)
  • movies / TV on DVD: 4 (.5/day – That’s much less than I thought we spent. We often watch a little bit of TV before we go to sleep [20 minutes of a show / DVD], but it did not add up to an unreasonable amount, I don’t think.)
  • computer games: 20 (2.85/day – Hm! That’s a little higher average than I’d like. We had a lot going on with our game this week, but still. However, I’ll bet other people take their downtime reading internet forums or watching TV, so I guess that’s not too terrible, but still, a little higher than I’d like.)
  • cooking: 2 (I won’t even bother doing a by day for this. I didn’t cook anything during the week – one hour each on Saturday & Sunday. Thank goodness for my husband.)
  • total hours logged: 139.5/168 (I’m not sure where the rest of my time went? It takes me about 20-30 minutes on my way to school & 20 on my way home. That’s about 4 hours/week. I ran errands on Saturday for a few hours, maybe 3? I spend an hour in the morning each day getting up, showered, ready, checking email, etc., but still short 16 hours. I do not know!)

So, I guess I learned that I need more sleep & don’t need to worry about my downtime / relaxing time. I am doing well with the volunteering, lucky to have a husband who enjoys cooking, and need to not spend so much time at school. Not terrible, but not great. I think I am going to try to do this once a month to evaluate how I’m spending my time. I was surprised by some of these numbers, truly.

Try it yourself & let me know how it goes.



I know that I have too many schedule restrictions to go to most of the community education classes offered by my local junior college (not Tuesday or Thursday at all or any Friday before 4pm or Wednesdays before 5pm or Mondays before 6pm…), but I love perusing their selection & dreaming about the things I’d like to learn how to do.

Today’s list includes:

  • swing dancing
  • watercolor or oil painting
  • conversational Spanish
  • poetry workshop (for more fluid poetry)
  • basic automobile maintenance
  • how to better take portraits / head shots (almost all I take at school)
  • do-it-yourself household plumbing

Note: I absolutely love that all of these things are taught about 2 minutes from my house for $30 – $60 per class. Reasonable & convenient!

Dark Cars & Serious Conversation

I ran to the store tonight to get our fixin’s for BBQ (have to get the meat marinading!) & ended up sitting in the driveway talking for an hour – about love, life, relationships & what makes things work. It’s times like these that a) I’m glad our friends visit from so far away & b) I wish they lived here all the time. I am trying to move them all to a place that’s more convenient for me (i.e. California). Unfortunately, we’re still limited to visits at this point in time.

Regardless, I got to hug someone I rarely see (maybe 3ish times / year) & it makes everything better.

When I Grow Up…

The guy & I went to see the Senior Showcase at The State today. I would venture to say that less than 10% of the audience was under 50, but we loved it anyway. From the tap dancing woman in her late 70s to the harmonica playing man in his 80s, we were charmed & enchanted. We (or at least I) sang along with the 23-person strong ukulele group (which included my mother’s best friend & my former biology teacher) & marveled at the man playing the incredibly rich-sounding 12-string guitar. We held hands & were touched by the multiple groups that featured married couples (together 40 years! 50 years!).

Now, my dancing is sub par & my singing offends. My sole musical instrument does not even reside in my current home & I haven’t played it seriously in 15+ years. However, I am hoping I’ll figure something out, because I want to be that ready to celebrate when I’m 75.


I have a desire to learn how to do many things, such as:

  • speak Spanish fluently
  • optimize my camera’s capabilities
  • become a Photoshop ninja
  • create stained glass windows (even small ones!)
  • ballroom dance
  • paint
  • truly create a website
  • sculpt (although I fear this may be beyond my capabilities)
  • cook a wider variety of dishes

The question is not what I want to do, but when I’ll have time. Hm…