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Favorite Activities – Husband

He’s so great that he’s always on my mind. Something about that guy just makes me beam (an awesome quality to have in a husband). Here are some things we particularly like to do:

  • make up needlessly complicated acronyms to tell each other “I love you” (example: IRLYVMLAL, sent earlier this week, is “I really love you very much like A LOT”)
  • sit on the couch together & cuddle & watch movies
  • spoon both ways before we go to sleep (me on the outside first, then him on the outside second)
  • cook / bake for each other
  • find inconsistencies in TV shows / movies that we watch (her hair was over her shoulder in that shot, then behind, then over again)
  • saying “ly” when people forget to properly adverbialize (made that word up), usually just to the TV
  • play card games with flexible rules & not keep score
  • not play Clue or Connect Four
  • speak in funny voices / have conversations in quotes from friends / media we enjoy
  • send each other links via MSN Messenger, even if we’re in the same room
  • have long, chatty dinners
  • plan things we want for the future (names of children, parties we want to throw, vacations we want to take, etc.)

I seriously love that guy SSSMLAWL (so so so much, like a WHOLE lot).


Favorite Activities – Best Friend

I am missing my best friend right now. Due to living in different cities & a recent increase of busyness (that seems like it shouldn’t be a word) in both of our schedules, we’re at a low ebb of hanging out. As she’s on my mind, I am going to list some of my favorite things to do with her.

  • linger over a meal and talk
  • find ridiculous things to try on / comment on / wear (outfits, t-shirts, Maltese plaques, commemorative flags)
  • watch her make my husband laugh & vice versa
  • send random links /emails that no one else will appreciate
  • plan future events
  • discuss how ridiculously cute & young her dog looks
  • share wincingly horrible stories of grammar misconduct at our job sites (newspaper & school, both of which contain people who should know better)

They’re small things, to be sure, but I love her for them.

Anticipation of a Great Week

  • new house keys on Tuesday afternoon
  • lunch with my mama on Wednesday or Thursday, midday
  • Indigo Girls @ The State on Friday night
  • maybe a little time snuck in with my best friend during the week or on Saturday
  • bowling with my friends on Saturday night
  • French films @ The State on Sunday afternoon (free tickets!)

Hello week! I am excited for you!

Current Loves

  • smart crime solving shows like Numb3rs (yes, I forgive the questionable E as 3), Bones & NCIS (guilty pleasure, I know)
  • looking up art prints on Etsy (hoping the new house will happen & we’ll have walls to fill) – particularly entranced with dandelions & prints made of colorful dots (don’t ask)


  • the idea of possibly winning money at Bunco tomorrow night (however unlikely that outcome actually is)
  • the idea of rearranging our furniture in a new location
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • puppies
  • She & Him’s new song “In the Sun

I am…

  • wrapped in a blanket
  • always awake when my husband gets up
  • excited about the upcoming live events at The State
  • happy that a random restaurant find (Fisherman’s Galley) turned out so well (great bread, soup, fish, service)
  • contemplating tempting fate & beginning to pack for our possible impending move
  • looking for new auto insurance
  • volunteering at the library tomorrow
  • waiting until my husband leaves for work before bursting (inexplicably) into song

Current Loves

I really enjoy this Etsy shop full of jewelry made from recycled skateboards. Very Santa Cruz. (although they’re actually from Nova Scotia, I believe).

Netflix allows me to watch TV without worrying about commercials or paying for cable. I can’t help but enjoy that. I also like that, after several years of our viewing history, it has decided that my husband and I like romantic teen comedies, gritty crime dramas, shows with a strong female lead, and indie gay comedies. Pretty accurate, all in all.

I am in love with scarves & contemplating this one.

My wishlist has so many books just waiting to be purchased. I really enjoy wandering through bookstores, although I don’t enjoy paying full price for books. I take paper & a pen & write down all the titles that look interesting… and is just waiting for me to claim used books.

I also really love necklaces and have been coveting this one. This woman makes jewelry from broken china, which is awesome. However, it’s a bit pricy for my taste, so I’ll have to wait for it to go on sale.

I have been volunteering more and more at our local State Theatre & was asked to be on the board of the local Film Society (which hosts classic films monthly at the theatre). Geeky? Perhaps. Regardless, I love old black & white movies, and now I’m a part of bringing them to my local town, so I feel pretty in love with that idea.

I feel so strongly about giving back to your community, and there’s a project in my own town that encourages volunteering. Every 6 months or so, they have a day of volunteering – cleaning up the city, building homes, helping the elderly, giving your time & energy to tons of different projects in our area. I hadn’t heard about it before, but I’m set to volunteer at the next one. What a great way to spend a Saturday!

Current Loves

Here are some things that I am finding particularly enchanting:

Yes, that’s the Loch Ness Monster to hang on your wall in this woman’s art – feltidermy. The cute, it’s overwhelming here. She has more traditional fare as well as slightly wackier creatures.

I am a sucker for rainbow-colored things, even though these pancakes sparked a heated debate over giving your child food that doesn’t look natural. (My take: As an occasional treat, I think it’s fine. I am amused that people think someone would offer his/her child these every morning. Too much work!)

In that same vein, this rainbow cake is hugely impressive. I like the whole rainbow party idea (follow the link for the balloon shot). Lovely!

I have been listening to this mix over & over. Oh, you recipients of my occasional mix CDs are certain to have some of these songs on the next one. So well done!

I am digging this woman’s collections, which she is posting one per day for 2010. Slightly offbeat, definitely unique, they’re a daily smile for me.

I reread the whole Terrible Yellow Eyes installment & just fell in love again. It was such a neat project. I am almost glad that it ended because how could they keep up the variety of mediums & quality of work for more than a year. What an amazing show.